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Take the Veet Feel The Difference Challenge where you shave one leg and use Veet on the other.
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Our Veet Wax range offers superior results vs shaving!

84% agree Veet leaves you smoother for longer vs shaving
77% agree Veet gives you less prickly regrowth vs shaving

Click Research, Veet Wax Claims, 2020, n=204

Great results in just 4 easy steps

Veet has a range of Cold Wax Strips, with each strip designed to allow for precise application for specific body parts, like your legs, face, bikini or underarm. Our Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips are quick and easy to use. You can achieve great results in just 4 easy steps:

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What’s the difference between Shaving vs Waxing?

Shaving uses a blade to cut the hair off at the skin’s surface, creating a rough-textured edge.1

Waxing (a type of epilation) plucks the entire hair and it’s root, leading to long lasting smoothness. When you wax the hair grows back with a softer tip,1 and in a study of Veet wax users 77% agreed that waxing gives you less prickly regrowth then shaving.2

1. Shenenberger DW, Utecht LM. Removal of unwanted facial hair. Am Fam Physician. 2002;66(10):1907-1911
2. Click Research, Veet Wax Claims, 2020, n=204. 77% of women across all hair types who have shaved and used Veet wax in the prior six months.

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Easy to use and good value for money!

In the past, I would avoid waxing my legs because of how cumbersome I found the whole process. Being time poor, I would just shave my legs instead. Veet's Easy -Gel Legs Wax Strips are a God send. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use and how painless as well. The wax strips are very effective and do a great job of removing all the hair, even the pesky short ones that are normally difficult to get hold of. They are cost effective also as I only had to use two strips per leg. My skin feels smooth and the finish wipes are an excellent idea.

Yes, I recommend this product.



Beats shaving and comparable to epilator

These were easy to use, with simple to follow instructions and optimal size for different spots on the legs. Having previously used an epilator I had to wait till the hair was long enough and found it didn’t hurt to wax at all. I did have to go over some harder to reach spots with tweezers to get some stray hairs but would likely have had to do that with an epilator anyway. Same or maybe even longer lasting effects in term of smoothness, maybe the wax has more of an exfoliation of dead skin cells effect. Bit more time consuming than shaving or epilating, and ongoing costs mean it would be more expensive in the long run than epilating, but definitely handy to have for convenience and smaller patches.

Yes, I recommend this product.



Smooth legs

The Veet Easy - Gel Legs Wax Strips had 10 strips in the pack , but each strip had 2 sides. (So actually it was 20 single strips you could use). It was a bit tricky to peel the 2 strips apart at first and for them to stay straight but this is the first time I had used it and I improved this process the more strips I used. The strips were quite effective and as the packet said, you can reuse the same strip if it keeps its stick, which I was able to do a couple of times, especially to collect a stray hair or two. It comes with some little wipes and I actually didn't use it as I was going straight then to have a shower, but I would probably recommend you do use it as some of my legs still felt a bit sticky. The next day, my legs where I used the strips were definitely smoother than the shaved leg.

Yes, I recommend this product.



My underarm razor is going in the bin!

Veet Easy-Gel Underarm Wax Strips were incredibly easy to use. I've recently been fed up with my underarm razor ending up on the floor of the shower but will now be throwing it in the bin and using these instead. They're quick and easy to use and leave me hair free for longer. Plus, my husband can't throw them on the floor of the shower!

Yes, I recommend this product.



Very Happy!

I epilate my legs and I have been encouraging my 13 year old daughter to do the same rather than shaving. It has been too painful for her so we were so excited to be able to trial these wax strips. She loved how quick and easy it was. I don't think she will epilate or shave again. We have already bought more and love how you can get a large 40 pack. Thanks Veet!

Yes, I recommend this product.



would definitely purchase again.

my skin can be quite sentive when shaving so I was excited to try these wax strips. They were easy to apply and easy to remove and didnt affect my skin at all.

Yes, I recommend this product.