Hair Removal : Veet Natural Inspirations™ - for Touchably Smooth Skin

Silky smooth, beautiful legs, are all the more sought after in the summer. There’s always opportunity to wear short skirts and swimsuits to show off your hair free legs in the sunshine and now they are easily attained with these key tips to achieving smooth to the touch and beautiful legs.


Tone Up

If you are looking to tone up your legs but don’t want the gym membership fees, why not get off of the train a couple of stops early on your way home from work so you can add some extra steps to your day? Or you could squeeze in some squats at home each evening. Why not do them while you’re watching the television? Any extra exercise will help to define your leg muscles and do good to your overall health.


Hair Removal

If you plan to spend the whole summer in shorts and skirts, then you probably don’t want to have to think about hair removal every single day. Use the right technique to get rid of the hair in the first place and you won’t have to.

Waxing is one of the longest lasting hair removal techniques to keep hair growth at bay as the hairs are pulled out at the root so they take longer to grow back. It’s also very easy to do yourself at home. Veet Natural Inspirations™ Wax Strips give you long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days[1].



You may wish to exfoliate your skin the day before you wax – this is to remove any dead skin cells on the surface. This helps ensures the wax sticks to the hair better, removing it as efficiently as possible, rather than just pulling off the dead skin cells[2]. Good exfoliation helps replenish the skin leaving you with fresh, smooth legs and a healthy looking glow.



After your bath or shower and whilst you’re still slightly damp, why not treat your skin to a luscious moisturiser to rehydrate and nourish it. This should leave you with lovely shiny skin - drawing attention to how healthy they look. We recommend waiting 24 hrs before applying any creams after waxing.


Pamper Your Feet

Finish off your now visibly smooth legs with a pretty pedicure for your feet. Start by giving your feet a soak in a bucket of warm water and give them a scrub in a circular motion, not forgetting around the heels and each toe to help remove any hard skin. Rinse off your feet and dry them. Give your nails a file so they are all the same length, remove any old polish and finish off with a fresh lick of paint in your favourite colour!



1 Only applicable to Veet waxes. Satisfaction survey carried out by Biophyderm in 2007 with 30 voluntary consumers.