Hair Removal : In Shower Hair Removal Cream – A Great Discovery

Whether you’re only going to work, or meeting up with friends for dinner in the evening, it’s important that you feel happy and confident at all times. The only problem is that achieving this in the way you look might not feel like an easy feat – or a quick one for the matter! You could spend hours upon hours each week pampering but on top of an already very hectic lifestyle, it can be very hard to find time - which means constantly keeping your eye out for any time saving techniques.

Maybe for you, that means doing your makeup on your way to work or using a trusty can of dry shampoo when there just isn’t time to give your hair a proper wash and condition in the morning! However, when it comes to hair removal, it’s something that you shouldn’t rush, you don’t want to miss a bit or end up with cuts and nicks which can be painful and unsightly when using razors. This isn’t your only option though, Veet has a time saving hair removal solution at hand.

Veet in Shower Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory creams work by using chemicals to break down the keratin proteins in your hair, just below the surface.1 The hairs become weak, therefore they become easy to wipe away. Also, as the hair wasn’t cut, it should feel softer and smoother when it does grow back!

Veet in Shower Hair Removal Cream, however, is specially formulated with water resistant ingredients giving it the power to stay on your skin in the shower plus it includes lotus milk known for its moisturising qualities. And it works close to the root, even on short hair, giving you smoothness for up to four days. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently, with very little effort so you can go out and enjoy yourself as soon as possible.

Moreover, the Veet in Shower Hair Removal Cream has a subtle scent and refreshing fragrance so it won’t leave you running to open a window for some fresh air as soon as the smell hits you, making this a much more pleasant hair removal experience than most!

All you have to do is apply a thick layer of cream to the area of hair that you want to remove before you get into the shower – you can do this with the softer side of the sponge that comes with the product. Once the cream has been on for the recommended time (be sure to follow the instructions on the pack), you can use the rougher side of the sponge to remove it. Scrub your legs in a circular motion to remove the cream, along with all your unwanted hair. As a top tip, after your shower, pat your legs dry with a bath towel rather than rubbing so as not to irritate the skin too much.

No one wants to miss out on a spontaneous evening out – next time, you won’t need to worry about a last minute invite as Veet is here to help you get rid of your unwanted hair, quickly, with as little fuss as possible so you can get on with enjoying life!