How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Without Leaving Your Skin Feeling Blotchy

A lot of women are reluctant to remove unwanted facial hair because they’re worried about the red aftermath. Yes, waxing and plucking female facial hair can cause extreme irritation and redness, leading to a blotchy complexion. But, like all waxing endeavours, there are ways to soothe the skin and help minimise redness and inflammation.

Make a clean break

The more dirt and grease that’s left on the surface of the skin when you wax facial hair, the higher your chances of developing dirty, red pores when you’re finished. While your face is likely to become somewhat red and blotchy when hairs are pulled out from the roots, it’s the dirt, oil, and dry skin cells infiltrating the pores that can lead to redness and pimples.

Make sure that your face is cleansed and exfoliated before removing unwanted facial hair to remove bacteria, oil and dead skin cells that clog the exposed pores. While it’s recommended to thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin immediately before waxing the face, exfoliation should only be done a couple of days before. Also remember to wash your face with water following a wax, then pat the face with a clean, dry towel.

Make do without the makeup

Applying liquid or powder foundation a few hours after removing unwanted facial hair is not recommended. Even if you’re using expensive, organic products, covering your exposed pores with a layer of liquid or powder will suffocate them, cutting off essential oxygen. Allow your pores to breath by going sans makeup for a day or so following a wax. It’s a great way to restore moisture to the skin, and allows your pores to bounce back following such a beating.