Top Tips : Five Things You and Your Skin Need to Know About Waxing

Although waxing is touted as one of the best hair removal success stories of our generation, ripping innocent hairs out from the roots every month or so is certainly going to take its toll on the body. If shaving is not a hair removal option in your household (rightly so!), then finding a way for your skin and your waxing routine to agree with each other is your next best move.

Here are five things you and your skin need to know before taking the waxing relationship further.

1. The heat is on

Without a doubt, using heated wax is the best way to ensure your body remains hair-free for as long as possible. Although it’s tempting to use other less painful hair removal options – such as shaving – in addition to your normal waxing routine, you could run the risk of causing your hairs to grow erratically. It’s recommended to stick to one hair removal product, preferably one that needs to be heated.

2. Ingredients

Choose waxing products that contain nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter and almond oil.

3. Soap, strips, spatulas and soothing agents

It’s often the waxing tools used behind the scenes that contribute to the success of hair removal the most. Soap, strips, spatulas and soothing agents are the four S products that should be included in your waxing routine to ensure your skin is clean and cared for before, during, and after waxing.  

4. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the bane of any hair removal routine. Waxers often place blame on the waxes they use when it comes to ingrown hairs, but it’s actually your waxing technique that can trigger this unhealthy hair growth. Exfoliating a few days before waxing is recommended. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, and releases trapped hairs that could be forced back into the skin during waxing.

5. Skin type

If you’re trying out waxes for the first time, it’s recommended to first assess your skin type. Opt for waxing products specially designed for sensitive skin.