Top Tips for Upper Lip Hair Removal

      Hair Removal : Top Tips for Upper Lip Hair Removal: How to Remove Hair and Avoid Regrowth

      While many women may like the look of Bradley Cooper sporting a little extra stubble around his gorgeous smile, they certainly don’t want to sprout hairs on their own upper lip! If you’re worried about facial hair affecting your beautiful smile, take note of the following upper lip hair removal tips.

      I moustache you a question

      Did you know that almost all women have a moustache? Strange as it may seem, moustache maintenance on women is more common than you might think. For those lucky fair-haired ladies, the traces of hair on your upper lip are not immediately apparent, because they’re light and blend in with your skin. On the other hand, ladies with dark hair are more likely to develop noticeable upper lip hairs, as they grow older. Whether you’re a light or shady lady, worrying about upper lip hairs should not even enter your mind, thanks to upper lip hair removal.

      Hair today, gone tomorrow

      Since the development of facial waxing products, removing unwanted facial hairs has never been easier. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced or novice waxer, you can learn to keep those upper lip hairs under control, and avoid regrowth with the right facial waxing product.

      If you’re aiming for efficient hair removal in as little time as possible, one of the easiest facial waxing applications would have to be facial wax strips. Easy-to-use wax strips are the right size for manoeuvring around the contours of the face, and require far less preparation time than other facial wax applications. If you don’t mind a little preparation time, heated facial wax in the form of wax tubes allows high precision waxing, ensuring hairs are pulled out right from the roots.

      Helping to reduce redness

      Take extra precaution before, during, and after waxing. Thoroughly cleanse the area using a facial cleanser. Ensure the area is 100 per cent dry before you apply any wax or use wax strips, otherwise the wax will not bond to the skin.

      The less you can pull at the hairs and skin on your upper lip the better, as constantly pulling at the skin is obviously going to increase the redness. If your hairs are the right length for waxing – at least six millimetres – this shouldn’t be a problem.

      To help soothe the skin after waxing, you can use Veet’s Face Precision Wax & Care Soothing Aftercare Cream with Aloe Vera.

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