The Difference between Salon and Home Waxing

      Top Tips : The Difference between Salon and Home Waxing

      Waxing is fast, easy and has long-lasting results. In case you weren’t aware, it involves the removal of unwanted hair from the body using wax. The hair is pulled up from the root which helps to give longer-lasting results than shaving. When it comes to waxing you have two choices: you can choose to have a beautician wax you in a salon, or simply wax yourself at home. Whatever method you choose, waxing need not be a nightmare. Let’s take a look at the effectiveness of both salon and self-waxing. You might just learn a thing or two about keeping those unruly hairs at bay.

      Beauty Spa Benefits

      Beauty spas are created to pamper you whilst taking care of your every aesthetic need - including the eradication of undesirable hair. Spas provide a friendly, intimate and luxurious space where you’re given the chance to be treated like royalty by a professionally-trained beautician, for a nominal fee of course. With the salon, you get peace of mind knowing that the waxing is being handled by a beautician with lots of expertise! There’s something satisfying about seeing your legs newly-smooth as you leave the salon. Your confidence is boosted, you feel attractive and you’re all set to wear that new little black dress!

      Why Home Waxing?

      Waxing at home is a lifesaver for anyone who is time-limited and budget-conscious. Veet can help you wax in the intimate surroundings of your abode with our extensive range of hair removal products. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, Veet’s Wax Strips with Easy Grip is perfect for use on sensitive areas. Or why not bring the salon experience into the home with Veet Natural Inspirations Warm Wax with Argan Oil? You’ll be feeling spa-ctacular in no time, and for a long time!

      DIY Waxing

      Beauticians will prepare you for a wax by cleaning and disinfecting the area. You can do this in your bathroom with water, soap and, although not a necessity, disinfectant wipes. Once the skin is dry, apply the wax and remove small sections of hair as you go along. If you’re worried about discomfort, it’s best to take a deep breath before you pull the strip or hard wax from your skin. This age-old salon trick helps to distract you from the discomfort for a few seconds. Another trick is to apply your hand on the freshly waxed area. The pressure can help ease the discomfort, and if you have ever been to a professional, your beautician likely has tried this technique during your wax.

      Effective Waxing

      When you wax, hair is pulled directly from the root. Beauticians understand that the hair will grow back quicker if they merely remove the hair from above the skin. When waxing at home, it’s important to check your Veet Strips for hair follicle roots which indicate that you’ve grabbed all of the hair.

      You could be your own skincare-expert in no time with the right ingredients and know how. Just remember that like any good beautician - you should never rush the process of waxing. Try lighting some scented candles, put on your favourite music and most of all – relax and enjoy the experience!

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