Discover Veet : The Benefits of Veet Natural Inspirations Range

After hiding your legs away in trousers and tights all through winter, when the sunshine finally arrives, it’s great to feel the sun on your skin and to feel confident at the same time.

Maybe you want to get your legs looking smooth to show off in your new dress or remove unwanted hair from your bikini line to go for a swim at the beach. If you’re in a massive rush to get ready and out of the door, then using a razor can really be tempting – it’s a cheap, easy, do-it-yourself option that can be done very quickly and although it is a very quick process there are also a few downsides to using this method.

Firstly, the razor will cut the hairs off just at the surface of your skin meaning that, the coveted smoothness that it creates is very temporary before you start to see regrowth and you need to do it all over again. Shaving them off with a razor also results in the hair growing back again with a sharp end. This means that the new hair will give the illusion of being much thicker and sharper than it did before1. You also run the risk of razor burn or cutting yourself in the process, especially if you are in a rush.

Waxing strips, on the other hand, might take up a little more time to begin with but they are more efficient in the long run as they pull the hair out right from the root meaning that it will take much longer to grow back again and hair should grow back finer than before. It is great for removing hair from most parts of your body, be it your legs, underarms, bikini or even your face as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Cold wax strips are very easy to use at home and you are able to remove large areas of hair very quickly. They also make very little mess as the strips are pre-waxed.

If shaving and waxing both aren’t for you, there is also hair removal cream to consider which is the most pain free method of them all! The cream is spread over the area of hair that you wish to remove and works to dissolve the keratin proteins in the hair, weakening the hair for easy removal2. This method gets to work on its own so once you have applied the cream you can get on with some other things, like brushing your teeth, until it’s time to wash it off!

Veet Natural Inspirations™ range includes both wax strips (which promises up to 28 days of smoothness3) and cream products. Their ingredients help to leave the skin feeling nourished, moisturised and touchably soft after your wax. The creams have a refreshing fragrance and contain grape seed oil, also known for its softening properties.

So, if you haven’t already, why not try something new for your next hair removal session?