Top Tips : Should You Be Back Waxing? How To Tackle Back Hair

Ah, manscaping. It’s a term recently coined into popular culture to mean male grooming below the belt – but it also encompasses hair trimming above the belt – namely, back waxing. It’s no secret that some men know how to care for themselves and others just don’t. So as a caring girlfriend or wife, what responsibilities do you have when it comes to manscaping your man? And should you encourage back waxing?

Waxing woes

Contrary to public opinion, waxing is not only reserved for the ladies. Hundreds of men are embracing the idea that a little extra maintenance may be needed to help tame unruly back hair. If your partner prefers to spend time outdoors landscaping, rather than indoors manscaping, a bit of convincing on your part might be needed – especially if their back hair is escaping over their collar!

While they shouldn’t be embarrassed – back hair is completely normal – you can understand why some men feel self-conscious. If you had to walk around without a shirt during summer, would you want to be sporting back hairs? If you do go down the encouraging back waxing route, there are a few things to keep in mind – namely, which waxing products to use, and how to use them.

Back waxing dos and don’ts

If your partner is not well versed in pampering, he’ll need a helping hand to get started. Firstly, never encourage shaving back hairs. Aside from causing extreme itchiness and discomfort when the hairs reappear a couple of days later, shaving back hair will result in prickly, uneven, and thicker hair growth.

Surprisingly, men have a much lower pain threshold than women when it comes to removing unwanted hairs. Regardless of whether a full body wax is a walk in the park for you or not, assume your partner is going to find waxing extremely painful.

The same cleansing rules that you use when waxing your legs or underarms will apply when waxing your partner’s back. Ensure the area is 100% clean, dry, and free of blemishes and other lesions.

Hair removal for men

Choosing the best hair removal product for your partner’s back hair comes down to their skin type and amount of hair on their back. If you would describe their back as being crowded as opposed to merely scattered with hairs, a hot wax product or ready-to-use waxing strips would work best. If there really is a lot of hair on their back, it might be worth trimming longer hair sections first, before using the wax or strips.

If your partner has sensitive skin, then we recommend a hair removal cream formulated for sensitive skin. This will not irritate the skin as much as wax, and there’s the added bonus of not having to pull hairs out by their roots – he’s sure to be pleased about that!