Discover Veet Warm Wax

      Discover Veet Warm Wax

      Veet Warm Wax is the ultimate treat when you’ve got time to pamper yourself. You’ll be left with a super smooth feeling and touchably soft, silky skin for up to four weeks. This is your best option for achieving salon results at home – simply start by heating up the wax using either a microwave oven or a double boiler, remove carefully and you are ready to begin. The application spatula even has a handy guide to help you know exactly when the wax is a safe temperature for use. It’s easy! Salon-smooth results that last without even having to leave the house! For best results warm wax works best on hair of 5mm long.

      Now you are ready to show off your soft, smooth skin to the world!

      For fast hair removal, or for very short hairs Veet wax strips may be a better option, or if you desire instant results but waxing’s not for you, Veet hair removal creams are perfect.

      You’ll find complete instructions about how to use all products here. We’ve also got handy tips and instructional videos to guide you along the process.

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