Top Tips : How to Remove Facial Hair: Top 10 Tips For Tackling Delicate Areas

Unless referring to an adorable pet cat, the words women and whiskers shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Be that as it may, unwanted whiskers on the face can sprout up from time to time, which can be embarrassing and slightly uncomfortable. To deal with facial hair head on, take note of the following top 10 tips for how to remove facial hair.

1.      Skin care

Before learning how to remove facial hair, it’s important to recognise that the hairs on your face are a lot more delicate than hairs on other areas of the body. Waxing facial hair requires a lot more precision and attention to detail than waxing your legs or underarms. Make sure that your skin is completely clean and blemish-free before waxing facial hair, as waxing over facial blemishes can cause inflammation and redness.

2.      Dry run

While it may be tempting to ease that waxing sting in between waxes by applying some water or ice to your face, this can actually hinder the success of a facial waxing routine. Water prevents wax from doing its job, so ensure your face is completely dry before and during facial hair removal.

3.      Ideal hair length

Whether you’re plucking stray hairs, or using facial waxing strips, it’s essential to wait until they’re at the ideal hair length of six millimetres. Attempting to wax or pluck barely there hairs is a sure-fire way to promote ingrown hairs and will irritate the skin unnecessarily.

4.      Best waxing products

The primary rule of learning how to remove facial hair is choosing the best waxing products. Facial hair removal is a more delicate procedure than removing hairs from other areas of the body, which is why you need a product to match. Look out for facial hair removal productsspecially designed for the face that come with easy-to-use applications and are softer on the skin.

5.      Apply correctly

Applying facial wax shouldn’t be a hard task if you’ve selected the right facial wax products. Bear in mind that facial hairs will need no more than two to three centimetres of wax at one time – the more sensitive the area, the smaller the application should be.

6.      Repeat offender

Repeatedly waxing or plucking one area of the face will not only irritate the skin further, but could actually cause bruising – remember to be patient!

7.      That time of the month

They say that waxing in the days leading up to your period can be more painful than waxing at any other time, due to increased hormones and the sensitivity of your skin. If you’re looking to reduce the pain aspect of your wax, avoid waxing when it’s close to that time of the month.

8.      Don’t wing it

Always follow the facial wax instructions religiously to ensure you are heating and applying the wax correctly for optimum results.

9.      Taut handling

For the most successful results when waxing, always remember to hold the skin as taut as possible when applying the wax and ripping off the strip.

10.  Tweezers time

Tweezers will definitely come in handy when learning how to remove facial hair. Tweezers are ideal for hairs in hard to reach crevices of the face, and will prevent you from over-waxing and irritating larger areas of the face.